The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's Awesome has only been CrossFitting for just over a year but he's been quietly making those gains in our AM classes.

Eric came in with a solid athletic foundation and immediately put his optimistic, diligent, can-do attitude to work, becoming a regular staple and increasingly consistent top performer. When everyone else groans about the long warm-up run, Eric smiles and jets out the door. When the class gripes about 100 burpees in a WOD, Eric grins and hits the floor. As a Coach, I appreciate his ability to keep moving, push himself and stay positive, even when it gets tough.

For all that and more, Eric is our Awesome of the Week. We're so glad you joined us, Eric!


Read a little more below about Eric's secret talent and how he's both the oldest AND youngest of three brothers.

Name: I'm Eric Hardy??

Nickname / Alter Ego: None, but I have been mistaken for the character, Data, from the Goonies, when I had longer hair.

Hometown: Born in Seoul, South Korea. I came over to the US when I was 9 months old and grew up in the city of Rochester in Upstate NY

Occupation: Revenue Analyst

When did you first start CrossFitting?: June 2015

When did you first start CrossFitting at UB?: June 2015

Favorite WOD: Anything with burpees

Least favorite WOD: Anything with Double-Unders

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?: After countless times bumping into UB classes on my way to work, I finally decided if I can't beat them, join them.

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life?: An increase in distance running. In addition to strengthening my core, I've found the same motivation used in CrossFit has carried over to long distance running. Since joining UB, I've steadily decreased my half marathon time and ran in my first full marathon. 

What’s your secret talent?: Hmmm, I guess I would say being relatable. I've been fortunate enough to experience an incredible amount of awesome things in my life. More often than not, I've found these memorable experiences and events originate from forming a new connection and taking a genuine interest in others. In short, take the time to get to know someone, it always seems to come back in serendipitous ways.  

Tell me something interesting about yourself?: I am both the youngest of three brothers, as well as, the oldest of three brothers. How? Well, I am the youngest of three brothers in my adopted American family, and I am the oldest of three in my Korean biological family. About a year and a half ago, I was fortunate enough to go on an incredible journey that led me to meet and reconnect with my biological family in Korea. The journey was years in the making, but the reward of getting a new family, including two younger brothers was well worth the wait.

Mobility Class Updates!

We had a great turnout for our first Friday mobility class, and we are happy to hear you loved it!  To better serve you, we have made the following tweaks to the class:

  • Class Cap: The class will be capped at 12 people to ensure quality movement, so sign up ahead of time to save your spot!
  • Time change:  The class will now begin at 7:15 and last for 45 minutes. 

Thank you for your feedback.  See you there!

Because mobile people are happy people

Because mobile people are happy people




Food for Thought: Directionality > Status

Article by Logan over at Deuce.


It’s the reason multimillionaires go broke, professional athletes become irrelevant, and appealing body-types become haggard. Life is a matter of directionality, not status. In fact, it’s quite easy to confuse status with the ultimate goal, yet there are countless examples of how short lived status can be. What you’re becoming is, most literally, a better look at what to expect in your life.

We’ve said it before. “You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.” There is no maintenance. If you believe this to be true, then you ought to put all your eggs in the directionality basket. Improvement is the goal. Your current situation, by definition, is temporary.

Like compounding interest, a focus on improvement (even in the smallest sense) can yield unimaginable gains in the long run. Conversely, a mindset looking to maintain will decay and eventually succumb to the elements of nature even from the highest of lofty successes.

While a commitment to the improvement process indefinitely might seem like a great deal of work, the good news is this process orientation yields amazingly superior results than a result oriented mindset trying to maintain a certain level of success. Look around your life. Are there areas that you’re coasting in? If you’re not improving in any one particular area, you’re planting cancerous seeds of complacency.

Take inventory then plug in to the process of improvement.

Stop Trying

I am going to try to write a motivating blog.

Do you see what I did there?  I avoided taking on the responsibility of committing to do something.  I sidestepped it by using the word "try."  And yet how often, when goal setting, does the word try enter into your vocabulary?  By trying to do something, we are not able to focus on the actual action we want to achieve.  Here is an example:  I want to you try to drink a glass of water - don't actually do it, just try to do it.  You can't.  If you try to drink it, nothing happens because trying is not an actual action.  You either drank the water or you didn't.  The same concept can be applied to your goals - you will either do them or not.  So allow yourself to commit to them.

All that three letter word does is leave room for the possibility of failure - aka doubt.  When you are goal setting doubt can have a way of creeping in and it is your job to try keep it from staying.  Let the negative thought pass in and then right back out again.  Because you aren't going to "try" to kick butt on the WOD, you aren't going to "try" to learn how to do pull ups, or to stay paleo, or"try" to commit to class 5 days a week -- you are going to do it.  Say it to yourself - make the goal, commit to it, and eliminate the word try.  TRY it out for a week - can you do it?

Te deseo lo mejor, Gabi!

It has been a big year for Gabi. She completed graduate school, changed jobs, married her main squeeze, and went through physical transformation with the guidance of RP Strength. This young lady is going places in life, and has managed to steal our hearts in the process.

Making progress in life is not about being fearless, it's about continuing to move forward in the face of fear and, Gabi, you are one courageous lady! Thank you for being YOU; lovely, warm, kind thoughtful, funny, and strong! We will miss you beyond words and we are so excited for your new adventure in Florida. You will always have a home in SF (Jarid, Dre and future pug pup, too). Much love from your forever friends and fans at UB.

Weekly Dose of Awesome

I always enjoy meeting people who are on the path of self improvement. Naturally, when Chad approached me for 1-on-1 coaching earlier this year, I was beyond excited. In addition to his charming sense of humor, friendly attitude, and love for puppies, the thing I appreciate most about Chad, is his determination and diligence in chipping away at his weaknesses. Rather than compare himself to others, he's continually working to be better than the Chad of yesterday. Life happens, work takes over, new pets need potty training, but, Chad always finds his way back to the work. 

Chad, your willingness and commitment are an inspiration.

Name: Chad Kindred 

Nickname / Alter Ego: Bubba, Buckwheat, Chadwickedawesome

Hometown:  Jackson, Mississippi, but NYC will always have my heart

Occupation: Self-employed, Corporate Meeting & Events

When did you first start CrossFitting?: 2013. Glad I found UB when I moved to SF last November 

Favorite Movements: Cleans, rope climbs, rowing

Least favorite Movements: Thrusters, wall balls (The devil's movement). Not counting the movements I can't do YET.

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? I had a personal trainer for a while and during a session I was talking to someone who also did CrossFit. It sounded interesting so I went home and talked to my partner, Steven about it. We decided we should give it a try, signed up for our free intro class and I never looked back. 

What is an unexpected way CrossFit has affected your life? Crossfit is the one program that has become a life program. I have stuck with this longer than any other form of exercise and I don't see myself giving it up. It is also one of the few things I look forward to doing. On a busy day of work, I count the minutes till I can get out and get to the gym. It has given me an outlet to unload stress, sadness, anger and any other negative thing in my life. And CrossFit has taught me to cheer out loud.

What was your first concert? Donny and Marie at the Mississippi State Fair. Favorite Concert: Luther Vandross!!

What is your favorite shower song? I sing musical theater in the shower.  

Pick a superpower. I'd love to have invisibility, especially on the days when I eat apple fritters 

What is the first song in your favorite playlist right now? This Ain't Over by Alex Newell

What is your favorite cheat meal? Cookie's, Donuts, or an Apple Fritter from Uncle Benny's Donuts. I'd say muffins, but I eat those too often for it to be a cheat meal.

BodySpec This Saturday!

Only a few spots left!

Stay motivated through the holiday season by establishing a pre-season comprehensive body scan.  These scans are comprehensive and individualized snapshots of your body that give you the information you need to:

  • Pinpoint the exact impact of a new training or diet plan
  • Track progress over time, down to exact muscle and fat changes in different areas of the body
  • Optimize your training to suit your body’s specific needs
  • Compare your bone density to others like you
  • Identify long-term health risks

Save your spot here to get your October 22nd scan scheduled!

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Food for Thought: Pain Is Not a Life Sentence

A great read from Breaking Muscle.

Look, there’s no clearer way to put it: pain is a signal that something is wrong with your body.

Masking it with pills or shots is only going to prolong the problem. Your pain will simmer and smoulder, just waiting for its next chance to flare up. If something hurts, it’s time to address the sticky root cause. This may take some digging to find, but the alternative is a self-imposed life sentence.

Don’t Be A Hero

Have you ever met somebody who seems to wear their pain like a badge of honor? As if having never-ending aches or injuries were a sign of success? It’s not. But too often acute pains become chronic, and we start to identify with our pain.1

That pain begins to define our perception of normal, and life takes on a very different hue. We wake up one day and realize: I have a “bad” shoulder. Or hip. Or back. Then resignation sets in, and we accept that maybe we’re just not able to do the things we used to do.

That’s garbage. You aren’t stuck there. The truth is that healing from pain can take a long time. And recovery deserves that respect. If we muscle through the process, gloss over it entirely, or fail to address the root cause of our pain, then we’re doomed to repeat it.

Honor Your Pain

It seems like a strange idea at first. But pain (the sensation) is a good thing. It means your body works and wants to stay alive. Our perception of pain is where things get tricky. Don’t fall for the mistake of blaming your body for pain, or punishing yourself over it.

Be curious. Pain is a chance to learn about your body. To resume a dialogue with it. After all, pain is just a message. The way you interpret it is up to you. You have a choice.

In fact, a mindfulness practice has been shown to have analgesic effects.2 The simple act of bringing conscious attention to your body is a built-in painkiller. You might ask yourself if you can explore the boundary of your perceived pain. Can you draw a line around it? What sensations do you notice besides pain? Can you feel the ground underneath you? What is your breath doing?

I want to be clear: getting out of pain is not easy. But living with pain is not normal. It’ll be the hardest work of your life, but if you’re stuck with ongoing pain, the best gift you can give yourself is to find a way out.

Meet Your Prom Queens!

Thank you so much to all of you who came and made our UB Prom a spectacular event!  A special thanks to our lead decorator DIY extraordinaire, Loryn and her team Gail, Gabi and Adrian, as well as to the rest of our prom committee Anita, Courtney, and Lauren who helped us get the best vendors for the job.  It was a great evening celebrating our community and a great cause. 

For those of you who weren't there and are new to our community, we have a tradition at our anniversary party to name the Ambassadors of Awesome.  These are individuals who have stepped up to be pillars of our community and who embody what it means to be #ubstrong inside and out.  They are passionate about their athletic journey, making gains and setting goals.  They go to events and take time to make the new UB kids on the block feel welcome.  Simply put, they ooze awesome.  Over the years we have built quite the ambassador roster: Jon S. and Kelly F. (2011), Andrea S./Rachael C. and Sean F./Steve W. (2012), Jason L. and Nikki S. (2013), Charles C. and Joanna G.  (2014), as well as Chris C. and Hayley B. (2015).  It is quite an awesome group!

This year, since we were at the prom, we named our Ambassadors as UB royalty!  So, without further ado, I present to you our 2016 UB Prom Queens: Anita H. and Loryn F!


Anita and Loryn have stood out to our staff all year as being a little extra awesome.  Anita is a regular smiling face in the morning crowd.  When she decided to buckle down and work on her gains via taking on Barbell WOD programming, she still managed to be a part of the community and offered welcoming greetings for new UBites.  She challenges herself by participating in competitions and has really pushed after her goals.  Meanwhile, rotating #anitadoodles have become a beloved fixture in the gym that every member and coach look forward to and treasure.  Anita's doodles, attitude, and dedication from from a place of passion and love... the feeling is mutual!

This Loryn was a 2016 UB House Cup captain, a Summer Slam face/body painter and fabulous prom decorator.  This alone is already wonderful, but what makes Loryn a little extra special is she did all of this after getting injured during the CrossFit Open.  Loryn's dedication to the UB community is so fierce that she found ways to contribute despite not being able to physically play.  Meanwhile she has displayed unwavering commitment to having the best recovery possible by regularly coming into UB doing work and PT on her own.  Loryn - we are so excited to see you almost back at 100%.  Thanks for continuing to share the love in the meantime!