All the Happenings

It's hard to believe we're already rolling into August!   We have a lot planned for the 2nd half of the year... check it out!


Saturday Aug 1st - Fran Off

We have been asked time and time again for a gym to gym throw down.  Tomorrow is our first!  Come support the 16 representing team UB!  The first heat will start at 9am!  See you at CrossFit Sweatshop!

Friday, Aug 7th - Body Spec

In 1 week the folks from Body Spec will be here to help you see how your body is balanced top to bottom and side to side.  Get your body fat tested and more!  They will be here all day on Friday.  Appointments take 6 minutes.  Last I checked, there were 5 spots left.  Claim yours here.

Friday, Aug 14th - UB 5 Year Anniversary

Two weeks from today we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  Please join us as we celebrate 5 years of awesome.  Put on your civies, and bring a dish (it's a potluck), and enjoy the company of your coaches and WOD buddies outside of class!  We hope to see you there!

Sat-Sun, Aug 15-16th - Moxie Competition

Head down to San Jose and cheer on as 3 teams of UBites take on the Moxie Competition.  Novice team (Max C., Jesse G. Johnynne G., Annah H.), Masters team (Chris C., Ashley S., Andrew W., Olivia G.), and RX division team (Rich S., Hayley B., Jason L., Joanna G.) have been training and gearing up for one of the biggest bay area throw downs around.  Snag your tickets now and join us for a great weekend of WODding!

Sunday, Aug 16th -  Kinetic Chain

If you have aches, pains, or just need a little tune up, Monte and Jay have got your back.  Get some body work from the best in the business.  Comment or contact Jenny to claim the remaining 1PM, 130PM or 230PM slots.


Starting September - Barbell WOD Class

Have you caught the BarbellWOD bug?  Looking for a new Oly/Powerlifting strength program to compliment your CrossFit game?  Join Colleen F. on Thursdays at 5-630 PM for our new Barbell WOD class!  If working with our Regionals competitor extraordinaire and working on your gains aren't enough incentive, 2 time US National Champion Spencer Moorman will be co-coaching the first few sessions.  Come learn from the best in the biz!

Saturday, Sept 12th - Ultimate Lift Off

It's almost here!  UB's favorite event of the year!  That's right - IT"S ULTIMATE LIFT OFF TIME!  Mark your calendars and stay tuned in the next few weeks to catch all the details!

The Weekly Dose of Awesome

As you may have noticed, our community has been growing exponentially of late.  But not of simply new members, but of UB new borns!!  Expecting moms have been a consistent and amazing addition to our daily group classes.  And as I tip my hat to all of our beautiful preggers athletes who continue their training regime, I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge one new mom who truly took the phrase "stay active during your pregnancy" to new heights. 

Since day one, Lisa Reither has been one of our more competitive athletes... And the task of growing a child in her belly wasn't going to change her attitude toward working out.  Even while toning down her exertion and max heart rate, Lisa would most often find herself at the top of each class. Accomplishing a top 5 leaderboard score in max pullups, excuse me, "weighted pullups,"  as well as performing an "aerobic" 20+ round score of Cindy.  Oh yea, and did I mention she earned the 7th place spot in NorCal in the CrossFit Open Scaled division?!  Simply remarkable.

Lisa's amazing attitude and smile during her pregnancy was infectious and inspiring.   And I continue to see countless soon to be moms following her lead in class today.  We can only be so lucky to have an two time awesome ambassador of athletic motherhood like Lisa. 

Keep rocking those weighted pullups momma!! 

Kinetic Chain at UB Few Spots Left

Got pains?  Monte and Jay of Kinetic Chain will be descending on UB on August 16th!

Master Monte and UB body worker extraordinaire Jay are experts in A.R.T. and are very experienced in handling the specific issues of CrossFitters and Weightlifters.

Body aches?  They've got you. Need a tune-up? They've got you.  Competitive athlete?  They've got you.

Top notch body worker leads to better performance. I consider my regular sessions with my boys as important as my car's oil change.  Don't think about it. Just do it.  

First comment, first serve!

9:00: Jenny W.

9:30: Danny W.

10:00: Jon G

1030: Dave H.

11:00: Courtney S.

11:30: Tao Tao



2:00: Cleo


Fran Off This Weekend!

What are you doing this Saturday?  The correct answer is - heading over to CrossFit Sweatshop in Walnut Creek to support team UB in our first gym to gym throw down!  Nothing says "weekend" like watching your good buddies pull up and thruster their hearts out! Come support the UB athletes, aka "team green"

Alfredo R.,  Andrew S.,  Brian R.,  Courtney S.,  Dave H.,  Dustin B.,  Erica W.,  Hayley B.,  Jackie S.,  James K.,  Jason L.,  K-Tjen K.,  Nikki S.,  Robb P.,  Steve L.,  Sunli G.

as they represent UB in a head to head battle doing what CrossFitters do best -- FRAN!  We also need 4 judges available.  Please comment if you will be able to judge at all during the day.

Here is how the day will unfold:

8:00am - Athletes debrief, partner selection and heat assignments

9:00am - 3, 2, 1, go!

The teams will be going through a classic 16 team tournament bracket and will be going until the winner is revealed! 

We will be closing the gym on Saturday and hope to have as many of you out to support as possible.  GO TEAM UB!

Bone Broth from Broth Baby

You may remember, UB member Adam F. came by UB during the CrossFit open to let our members get a taste of his new business venture: Broth Baby.  The interest in a bone broth CSA was high, so we talked to Adam about the potential for using UB as a pick up site fore weekly broth deliveries for clients.  His business is now outfitted to take on the larder volume that UB could bring, and so, I bring you his post about Broth Baby:

Bone Broth. You may have heard the buzz around this foodie ingredient, but might be unfamiliar with what it is and why it’s good for you.  In a rare overlap, foodie and paleo blogs are both picking up this hot topic.

As many of you know, CrossFit can be hard on the body.  Lunges, thrusters, pull-ups and deadlifts take a toll on our joints and muscles. Recovery can range from non-existent (simply limping around in pain), to active recovery activities to regular ice baths. But what if there were a beverage that perfectly compliments your recovery?  Because bone broth is high in collagen and gelatin, it helps your body repair itself: joint or muscle injury , digestive distress, dry hair, skin and nails, or an overall tired immune system.

Broth Baby is crafted in small batches by a certified holistic nutritionist, Cassandra Gates, who is committed to quality and spreading wellness.  We only use the finest ingredients in constructing our broth because you can’t make a quality product without starting with the best building blocks. We are currently only selling chicken broth but are looking forward to sharing our other flavors with you (beef, duck, and even pork!)

If you’re interested, you can place a pre-order here.  We are currently doing home delivery twice a week for the cost of $12 per jar or $16 for a la carte (both inclusive of delivery fee) but if we get enough orders from United Barbell members, we will start delivering directly to the gym once a week!

If you want to learn more, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to chat.

Happy brothing,

Adam + Cassandra

The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Lots of people have reservations when they start CrossFit.  Lots of women fear weightlifting will add bulk to their body.  Lots of people look at CrossFit movements and wonder "why should I do that?"  Lots of people let all those questions get in their heads and stop them from trying CrossFit.  Lots of people quit when it gets hard.  Lots of people find reasons to stop.  Archana, aka Awesome Archie, is not one of those people.

If you haven't met Archie, she is a relatively new member on the UB block.  Some might even say she's too green to be up for an "awesome" post.... But something has to be said about this inspirational lady.  When Archie started, she was unsure -- almost to the point of unwilling.  But despite her little inner voices of doubt, she trusted her coaches and gave it the old college try.  One movement at a time, she overcame judgment and fear until one day, I looked over to find Archie upside down in a handstand.  Another day I found her climbing boldly up and down a rope with no hesitation.  I couldn't help but have a proud coach moment.  Archie has overcome the greatest hurdle anyone can face in the gym - her head.

Archie, I can't see what you'll be conquering next!  You are absolutely awesome!

Food for Thought: Clean Eating on a Budget

Time recently published an article about a How This Woman Gave Up Processed Food for a Year—On a $16,780 Salary, and I thought it was a great article for those looking to clean up their act for summer.  

We all know it’s healthier to “eat clean”—but convenient packaged foods, and weird ingredients seem to lurk everywhere. Just ask Megan Kimble. The Tucson-based food writer spent an entire year avoiding all processed foods, a daunting challenge she chronicles in her new book, Unprocessed ($16,

As a busy grad student living on an annual salary of $16,780, Kimble discovered creative and affordable ways to trade packaged staples for a real-food diet. It wasn’t easy, she told Health: “But I found that once I got going and formed new habits and figured out favorite meals, it became automatic.” That said, she doesn’t recommend going cold turkey. “Start small,” she said. “Try unprocessing one kind of food, see how it feels, and take it from there.”

Below, Kimble shares her eight best tips for eating cleaner.

Read the label on everything you buy

“If the ingredient list contains a word you don’t really know, the food is probably processed,” Kimble advises. Think additives like modified food starch, soy lecithin, and xanthan gum, and added sugars and artificial sweeteners such as dextrose and high fructose corn syrup. Mustard, marinara sauce, and salad dressing are often surprising sources, she notes, adding, “Luckily these foods are easy—and cheaper!—to make at home.”

Pick up single-ingredient foods

Buying products with only one ingredient (like milk, oats, honey, and fruit) is the simplest way to avoid emulsifiers, preservatives, and other additives. Says Kimble: “These whole foods are 100 percent real.”

Create versions of your favorite unprocessed treats

Rather than trying to conquer your cravings, satisfy them with healthier options. “I personally have a raging sweet tooth,” Kimble notes. “But instead of chocolate chip cookies, my former snack of choice, I’ll reach for a banana with almond butter, or some yogurt with honey and fruit.” Do you crave salty foods? Try homemade kale chips or roasted sweet potato fries.

Seek out brands you trust

“I carry Cherry Pie Larabars in my handbag in case of hunger emergencies: They’ve got nothing but dates, cherries, and almonds,” Kimble says. “You’ll start to recognize—and appreciate—food companies that don’t add wonky ingredients to their products. Another one of my favorite brands: Food for Life, which sells bread, tortillas, pasta, and cereal made with only whole, sprouted grains.”

Join a CSA

“I found that Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs offer the best organic and local bang for your buck,” Kimble notes. “My produce conveniently comes with a newsletter featuring recipes that incorporate vegetables from that week’s box.”

Prepare food in bulk

It saves money and time, and ensures you have unprocessed options at the ready, Kimble says. Roast veggies at the beginning of the week, make a big batch of grains, cook dried beans in your crockpot, or keep cornmeal on hand for quick polenta.

Meet Our Greeter

Evenings at UB can get a little busy.  OK, busy might be an understatement.  So what do you do when you have a question about membership or want to get some other non-WOD business handled?  Ask our greeter! 

Tessa, hanging with "The Governor" at the 2013 UB holiday party

Tessa, hanging with "The Governor" at the 2013 UB holiday party

Tessa, killing a muscle up

Tessa, killing a muscle up

Meet Tessa.  If you haven't met her yet, Tessa has been an awesome UB community member for a couple of years now.  Starting today she will be around from 5-7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays to greet you.  She will help you with any membership questions you have, as well as ring you up for that T-Shirt you want to buy for your brother back home. 

UB is Turning 5!

It's hard to believe it -- United Barbell is turning 5!!  We're full blown toddler!

Come celebrate with the UB family our 5 year anniversary!  We have accomplished so much and come so far over these last 5 years!  We are so proud of the progress you have all made as athletes, our staff as coaches, and ourselves as captains of the helm.   So help us celebrate all the greatness.  We couldn’t have done it without every one of you!  Join us for a pot luck dinner at the gym on August 14th at 7:30pm. 

We hope you can join us!  Dress casual, (but no Lulus allowed)!