Weekend Recap

United Barbell has been killing it on the competition scene.  We applaud those of you who have decided to try it out, and are excited to cheer for those of you continuing to put yourself out there.   Jason L. was one of 4 people who competed last weekend at the Good Times CrossFit Fall Fitness Team Competition.  For those of you who missed it, he wrote you a nice play by play recap...


I had the honor and privilege of competing this past weekend up near Sacramento at the Good Times CrossFit Fall Fitness Team Competition alongside Jeremy, Ruth and Ludi.  There were a total of five workouts.  I've done a number of competitions and this was definitely a good time involving important strategy considering each of us were managing some limitations/injuries: Me/Bruised Collar Bone, Ludi/Strained Chest, Jeremy/Cold and Ruth/Overhead Lockout Discomfort.  Jeremy stepped up as a leader for our team to help organize us the week going into the competition.


WOD #1
8 Minute Ascending AMRAP
-Hand Stand Push Up
-Power Snatch 115#/75#
-Bar Muscle Up


Jeremy noticed the above posted two days before the deadline so he got an exception request to perform the above with everyone but Ruth who was traveling on business last week.  Jeremy and Ludi tackled the first two movements while I took all of the MUs to maintain efficiency.


WOD #2

8 Minute Time Cap Per Mixed Gender Pair

-25 Kettlebell Swings

-25 Toes to Bar 

-25 Weighted Pistols 53#/33#

-25 Double Unders


Jeremy and Ludi paired together for this one and did a really nice job communicating with each other and switching off.  Ruth and I partnered together with the plan of me doing more Pistols while she took more KB swings and double unders.  We did not communicate as well and got to learn from the other two immediately afterwards about vocal signals.


WOD #3

"Gorilla Complex"

10 Min to Max Load Per Teammate

-1 Clean

-1 Hang Clean

-1 Push Jerk


We were not checking the schedule and had 2-3 minutes to jump into our lane to begin lifting which threw our planning off as we just began lifting without much of warm-up.  Jeremy took charge of keeping the team on schedule after that!


WOD #4

8 Min AMRAP Per Same Gender Pair

-12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

-9 Axel Bar Shoulder to Overhead 155#/115#

-6 Ring Dips


The ring dips really hit the women (not just our team) hard but Ruth and Ludi handled the other bar movements very well.  Jeremy and I had pretty set rep schemes going into this WOD and deviated just a little bit after factoring fatigue from the prior WODs.  I got into my butterfly groove on the chest to bars and the announcer said: "United Barbell making those pull-ups look f****** easy!"


WOD #5

12 Min AMRAP All Team Members, Two In The Arena At Any Given Time

-15 Hang Snatches 125#/85#

-15 Up & Over Box Jumps 24"/20"

-15 Plate Burpees

-20 Calorie Aerodyne Bike


We strategically deployed everyone to their strengths and soboth men and Ludi to the snatches, Ludi/Me to the BJs, Ruth on Burpees and Jeremy on the bike with support from Ruth.  The snatches from a weight perspective were not bad however our grips were so warn out by that point that all three of our hands exploded (blood) on the bars during the hang and Ludi really powered through the pain to keep our momentum going.  


Overall we finished 37th out of 40 Teams and had a lot of fun!  The action felt pretty non-stop with the next WOD just a little over an hour following the prior.  We had great spectator support from Ruth's husband Tim, Jeremy's Lisa and daughter Gia and my Mom.


Way to go team UB!  Sometimes showing up (despite it all) can be the hardest part... You killed it!