The Weekly Dose of Awesome

I get to give a shout out to another midwesterner reppin' hard here on the west coast...

Annamarie has a long name and a long list of awesome qualities. She is one of the most consistent athletes I see in the gym day in and day out. You will see her morning, mid afternoon, and weekends. She has a competitors spirit or what I refer to as the warrior mentality. Pursuing skills constantly like double unders ... which she can now string together in the 100's.  Strong(er), becoming a regular in strength and oly class's her strength and technique are on the rise at a steady pace. But most important she has a love for the sport ... and it shows. No matter the day, the time, or the workout, she brings everything to the table. Sadly Annamarie will be heading back to Chi town to pursue her career. We wish the best of luck to you, and be sure to keep up the awesomeness girl!  Be you and your new gym will appreciate you like we do!