Welcome Back, Old Friend

We never expected you to take so well to our photo wall.... it was never intended for long term occupation of the white board.... we kept it up as long as possible, but alas, the temperature changes and hits with the occasional wall ball finally won out, and the photo wall was taken down. 

But wait!  There is a silver lining!  Welcome back to the UB top 5 board!  For those of you who knew old UB, you'll notice this top 5 board only has 15 categories.  You will also notice this board is BLANK!  With a N-UB comes a new start.  This means over the next few months, spots on the coveted white board are completely up for grabs!  White board accomplishments must happen during class or UB events and must be supervised.  Who will start us off??

Welcome back, whiteboard.  We missed you and all the competitive glory you brought in tow.  Welcome back.