Congrats Coach James!!

A giant congratulations to Coach James!  If you weren't yet aware, the man got hitched over the weekend! 


When we met James, he was just another guy in our SFCF lunch class with Olivia and me.  He was a nice man and a hard working athlete... but beyond that, we knew very little of this non bearded, long shorted man.  When he heard about our UB dream, he offered "If you guys want any help opening your gym, I could maybe help you guys out for a bit...".   Little did we know he would not only be instrumental in helping us open the gym, but he would also grow to be a bearded coaching wonder who would make a permanent place in our hearts.  

Over the last 4 1/2 years, Olivia and I have had the privilege to watch Yimbob grow not only as a coach, but as a man with overwhelming heart and kindness.  And just when we thought we had seen all sides of dear Yamoose, he met Miranda.  Like everything else in his life he was determined to get his bacon maple donut (aka "the girl")  and eat it too.  As their relationship blossomed, so did his focus.  Yimbo's commitment to his new love only strengthened his commitment to his vision of being a serious CrossFit competitor.   As they recessed down the aisle, I couldn't help but smile and think I couldnt be happier these two awesome humans found one another.  Congrats again, James and Miranda!  We hope the rest of your lives are as magical and donut filled as your big day!