The Weekly Dose of Awesome

So, this Awesome is a bit belated.  This is one where all the coaches said "no way... I can't believe he hasn't been the Awesome yet!"  After all, Dan's been with us for a while now, and I think all would agree he's just a straight up GOOD DUDE. 
What would you say makes an awesome workout buddy when you're in class?  Probably someone who's encouraging, friendly, fun to work out with.  Sound like anyone you know?  Dan's always chatting with members before class, always having a good time.  His attitude is infectious, and there's always a good vibe when Dan's in class.  Coaches love him, too.  He listens to coaching, doesn't get WOD-drunk, and brings a positive outlook every day.

SWOD ready!

Dan B. doesn't take himself too seriously, and yet the man has consistently been putting in serious work in SWOD and classes - more times than not with that signature camou hat on. Fly fisher, world traveler (yeah, I did a little Facebook stalking before writing this!), he's another awesome member of the UB community.  You're a good dude, Dan.  Thanks for being good to UB!