The Weekly Dose of Awesome

No fancy story lines nor elaborate intros are needed for this week's Awesome. Let's just get to the point. There are some dedicated SWODers in our community and Eric Wilhelm is as faithful as it gets for the Thursday mornings. He always arrives early to warm up and be ready at the sound of the bell. Always seeking the back corner spot, he may be mistaken for a recluse but those that partner with him know his quiet intensity is infectious. Eric puts in WORK, plain and simple. He's a grinder. No rep is short changed and every movement is executed with 110% focus and effort. 

Eric's numbers have been steadily climbing since he joined SWOD. He has seen new PR's, most recently achieving 22 consecutive strict pull-ups(?). What's even better about this fella? His intensity is only matched and surpassed by his kindness and support of his fellow members. He even garnished the nickname Mr. Pistol for having the best looking ones in class one morning. 

So, Mr. Pistol, a salute to you for being awesome.