We'll miss you Annamarie!

Annamarie came to CrossFit slightly cautious but open minded. She onramped with me and quickly made herself comfortable in the UB community.  She is the kind of girl who is always early to class to work on some goats and stay late to get some extra work in.  She is always excited to get after a workout... And when I say always, I mean always... it's uncanny, really.  And even though we knew her time here in the bay was limited, we are still so sad to see her go. Today will be Annamarie's last day playing with us at United Barbell. So if you see her today (a little birdie told me she would be in the noon class), make sure to give her a high five and a hug. Best of luck back home lady!   You always have a place to WOD when you visit us in our hippie city.