Congrats Coach Trent!

Congrats coach Trent!  He tied the knot on Saturday!

Coach Trent is the kind of man that seeks out what he wants in life.  When he decided he wanted to move out west to make a new home, he and Stacy dropped in on our "Christine Challenge" and asked to participate in the day.  After spending a week out week out west with our little gym, they returned back home, and we thought that was the last we would see of "that nice couple."  Instead, I received a thoughtful email from a determined man who wanted to "be a part of your gym to make it the best in San Francisco."  He promised to "bring enthusiasm, knowledge and determination to the gym along with empathy towards new clients."  When we told him "yes" and he showed up one month later, there is no way we could have known what we were welcoming through our doors.

Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have gotten to know T-Pain as an athlete and as a human.  He might describe himself to you as an introvert, but the man has a larger than life presence with a personality that can fill a room.  The feedback I often hear about him is "I don't know why, but when he asks me to do something, I can't help but want to do it & make him happy."  I believe this is because T-Diddy is a genuine man.  When he asks you to go harder or do 5 more reps, it comes from a place of genuine belief and want for the other person.  As an athlete, I see him go after his goals with the same level of conviction.  When it comes to achieving his goals he only knows how to do it at 100%... which is why he has been able to coach himself to be Regional level CrossFit athlete 2 years in a row.  T-Money is a tour de force.

Knowing he attacks life with that level of passion, I have no doubt T-Bone will be anything other than a stellar poppa and husband.  With an awesome and kind lady like Stacy by his side, the Simmons are bound to be the kind of family you hope to have as neighbors and you are lucky to have as friends.  Congrats newlyweds!!