The Jigsaw Recap

This past weekend was a big weekend for UB competitors.  Ten UB athletes went out to take on the competition.  Everyone who played had a great day.  Here is a nice recap from Rich S. of the Jigsaw Throwdown, and stay tuned for Andrew M.'s recap of his experience of his first Oly meet on Friday.

This past Saturday 11/1, four UB teams descended upon CrossFit Jigsaw in Fremont, CA to tackle the 2nd annual Jigsaw Throwdown.   

UB came in hot with 3 returning Jigsaw Throwdown teams including Shaun K and Chris C (Rush Hour), Jon S and Jason L (Captain Kettlebell and Mr. Pistol) and Rich S and George W (Meat Stone) and 1 newcomer to the Throwdown in Nikki S and Courtney S (Hands off my Kettlebells).  

Courtney S. looked like a seasoned vet despite this being her first time competing in CrossFit for Team Hands off my Kettlebells,.  There is no question that it won’t be her last.  Nikki repped UB hard as she’s been crushing the Barbell WOD while simultaneously getting in her metcons and skill work, hence why you will typically see her sporting some fresh DU lashings.  The result was her running in a race all herself whenever she got her hands on the sandbag during the sprint portion of the outdoor WOD.

For Team Rush Hour the WOD (word of the day) was redemption after last year where they went in underprepared and fell on their faces. This year was a different story as they came in prepared, worked hard, and even won one of their heats. For any of you that know these guys, you know they bring it as hard (if not harder) than anyone day in and day out.  Not only in the gym, but in life.  Shaun K. went HAM and rowed a 68 Cal 3 min. row and may have literally squatted his ass off during the outdoor WOD.  Chris C. showed up ready to throw down and perform with quality, getting only 3 no reps the entire event. They came together as a team, communicated well and had a great time.

Jon S. and Jason L. made some serious noise by having (hands down) the most ridiculous/awesome Halloween costumes of the day, coming disguised as their alter egos Captain Kettlebell and Mr. Pistol.  The highlight of the day for these 2 was the fact that they both dawned their capes through many a double under as they crushed the outdoor sand bag run, back squat and DU WOD and Jon S. pulled an absurd 78 calories on the 3 min row for the floater WOD.

For Team Meatstone it was the one year anniversary of George’s first time doing CrossFit AND competing in a CrossFit comp when he agreed to do the 1st annual Jigsaw Throwdown with Rich S. a year prior.  These bros have been putting in some serious barbell work and it showed as they came in 1st by a ridiculous margin of 30 reps during the indoor axle bar hang shoulder to overhead and wall ball WOD which propelled them into the four team final.  While weighing over 220# a piece comes in handy when throwing around some weight, it doesn’t so much in a final elimination style sprint that starts with a 300M run and 75 box jumps.  They were just 4 reps shy of making it to the barbell for the deadlifts and the podium.   

The highlight of the Throwdown was how deep the UB support crew was rolling.  Our community is unparalleled and it showed on Saturday