Nutrition Support

For many the holidays brings a lot of focus to food.  Overeating, how to avoid it, eating sweets, what defines a "special occasion" versus pure over indulgence, how to eat healthy during the holidays, avoiding peer pressure etc..  Any of these ring a bell?

You probably know that we here at United Barbell consider nutrition to be a cornerstone of your overall health affecting everything from your appearance to your mood, sleep, and performance in the gym.  What you might not know is our very own Coach/Office Manager extraordinaire Nikki has her own business helping people fine tune their nutrition.   She has helped her clients with all things nutrition, even going on field trips to help decode the grocery store.  It's just one more reason she is awesome.  So whether you have a simple nutrition question, or if you are looking to hire on some extra nutrition support, Nikki is a good first stop on your nutrition journey. 

Wanna see more of what she's all about?  Check out her business site!