Fran Fan

“If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.”

If you have been around CrossFit for long, you've probably heard of "Fran."  After all, "Fran" is a CrossFit classic.  Recognized as THE benchmark it is deceptive on paper and a right of passage to any new CrossFitter.  While traveling to other boxes, "what's your Fran?" is often as important to introductions as what box you are from.  "But why Fran?" you ask?  In addition to being a great workout, Fran is also one of the original CrossFit WODs.  Check it out...

Whether or not you've done it before, I hope you get in today to try it out.

P.S. If you are a particular fan of named WODs, you should check out this awesome WOD list that Jeremy and Lisa made over at WODWell!