A Little Housekeeping - Please Read

We love you UB and you love UB.  Every once in a while, we feel the need to remind you all of some things that we expect from you so that we can keep UB at its best.  Here are some important reminders and announcements for you.  Please comment with any questions you have:

1: Put. It. Away.
Seems obvious enough, right? While this is more commonly an offense of the open gym user, it's a good reminder for everyone.  Please don't waste the coaches' time and take pride in our box by putting your gear away.  If you want to take it a step further in class, help your fellow athletes clean up too. Many hands make light work.

2: Did you sweat/cry/bleed on the equipment? Wipe it down.
It's hygienic.  It's polite.   If your moist hands, knees, back, butt touched it, wipe it down.  "Moist..."  sounds gross, doesn't it?  That's how the next person feels about your moist body parts on the equipment.  We have mounted wipes in the front and back of the gym.  It'll only take 30 seconds... please do it—for everyone’s sake.

3: After you shower, take your dirt with you
Although we have re-posted our shower rules between our showers, we and our cleaning crew have found a number of grotesque items next to the trash bin.  Please make sure to clean after yourselves... feminine products, soiled or used underwear, used band-aids should be handled by you.  Imagine that being left in your shower by an unknown friend... not so friendly!

4: Take your stuff.
Any items left behind will go in our "Lost & Found."  Due to our ever-growing pile of unclaimed items, we will now be discarding unclaimed items weekly.  While we appreciate the occasional WODrunk walk-out where you leave items behind, make sure to come back and claim them.

5: We're going green
We are excited to announce the front room water cooler is now in operation!  What does this mean?  No more cups!  Please make sure to bring water bottles with you to handle your hydration needs.  Also, please use our hand dryers instead of paper towels.

6: Respect the coaches' space
Does it say "Staff Only"?  ... Need I say more?  If you are looking for something, just ask.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these.  We are all in this together and we appreciate your efforts to make UB its absolute best!