New Year's Resolutions

Are you a fan of new year's resolutions?  I have always been a bit weary of the new year's resolution.  Why?  After all, new year’s resolutions are just goals, and goals are awesome. A new year’s resolution is just a goal made on December 31st... right?  So what's my issue? 

NYE resolutions are made in a fog with no anchor and little forethought.  They are set for non goal setters to create new visions of themselves without having created the foundation for change.  Could you decide to do a January Whole30 on a whim and resolve this time you'll stick to it, and then Jan 1 dive right in?  Maybe.  But if you haven't done the reading and prep work beforehand, you might do fine on the weekend, but what do you do come Monday and you are back to your busy life? A little prep work and goal setting practice goes a long way. 

"So that's it? Coach just gave up on the NYE resolutions all together!"  ... NOT what I am saying.  Make resolutions!  Creating a vision for yourself and declaring publicly to accomplish that vision is a powerful and beautiful thing.  But if you are going to play the game, I recommend reading the rulebook first:

1.  If you're shooting for the moon, you better bring more than a ladder.  You might have a vision for how you want to be "from now on," but what are the goals that will get you there?  Break it down.  Get specific.  No multi-tasking.  Just one piece of puzzle at a time.

2.  Set yourself up to win.  Did you do you research?  Do you have the resources at the ready (coaches, books, experts, friends).  Have you already consulted them?  What support do you need to make it happen?  Ask for it!

3.  Commit.  How do you plan to execute this awesome goal of yours?  What will you do every day, every other day, every week...etc. to get there? 

4.  Start today.  Nobody ever achieved anything "starting tomorrow."  Be a rebel.  Start your "resolution" a day early.  Start today.

... With these guidelines in mind.... what are your new year's resolutions???