The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week’s Dose of Awesome only started with us around mid-September, but quickly became a regular face. Not content with easing into it, she was hitting every noon class every day. What caught my eye was her enthusiasm mixed with a healthy dose of caution. Early in her training she alway took the smart route and would scale down the workout to a point that she could attack it and get a great workout in without being frustrated. It was Andrew Salazar that initially dragged her in, but despite his more “fire breather” status, she found ways to make her workout her own.

She comes from a background in gymnastics, so her body awareness, mobility, and coachability have made what seems to be an easy transition into CrossFit. I was so impressed by how vigorous she worked at United Barbell, I was surprised to hear that on days she doesn’t come in, she’s not resting, she’s at another boot camp class she also enjoys!

Talk about being dedicated to fitness!

Such a good attitude, making jokes, smiling mid-workout even when the sweat is dripping, Christina is an enthusiastic participant in the United Barbell community. Keep being awesome, Christina, you’re making great progress!

... Dedicated enough to do a workout in her jeans when she forgot her workout pants!