The 2014 Ultimate Lift Off

It's that time!  Mark Saturday, September 13th in your calendar. Why? Because you'll be competing in the ULTIMATE LIFT OFF!

This is out biggest competition of the year, complete with medals for winners and PRs for everyone!  We will be cheering our faces off, as we watch 48 of our UB members compete in a super-total combining Oly and Power lifts together in one glorious event - so get excited!!

Here's how its gonna work:

  • You will have 20 minutes to find your maximum per lift.
  • You will have 3 attempts at your heaviest weight for each lift.
  • You will perform all the lifts in order: snatch, clean and jerk, back squat, bench press, and deadlift. To participate in the competition, you must attempt every lift.
  • Heats will start in groups of 4 every 20 minutes. If you are late, you cannot lift.
  • Your score will be calculated by Sinclair for your Oly lifts and Wilks formula (each lift by pounds lifted to body weight) for your power lifts. You will be weighed in 20 minutes before your heat.

A complete list of rules (including the requirements for each lift) will be posted Friday in the gym.

This competition is for UB members only, so if you are new to competing this is a great opportunity to get a taste in a supportive environment surrounded by your fellow athletes. Next year we will be opening this competition up to outsiders.

Space is limited to 48 competitors, so make sure to secure your spot by signing up online.