The Weekly Dose of Awesome

When you have been doing CrossFit for over a year and then suddenly change boxes, it can be a difficult transition.  You develop habits, get stuck in your ways, and become accustomed to your original coaches style and cues. Its these factors that most often than not hinders ones ability to develop as an athlete. But when Jake moved from Chicago and walked through the doors of United Barbell with countless WODs under his belt, he was more hungry and ready to learn than a bright eyed newbie.

Jake realized right away that there was an opportunity to take his game to the next level, and decided to trust the UB staff and community to lead the way.  Always highly involved with class, Jake consistently inquires about his technique and how to become more efficient. At the same time helping others push through their workouts. Within just a few months Jake qualified for the Level 2 class, and the gains he has made since have become much more apparent.

The sky's the limit for this UB athlete, and getting a front row set to watch the effort he puts in is an awesome privilege.  Making Jake... yep, you guessed it, pretty dang AWESOME.