Ambassadors of Awesome

If you have never been to a UB anniversary party, we have a special tradition that only happens once a year - we name our annual Ambassadors of Awesome. These folks are individuals who, over the previous year have not only been dedicated athletes, but have become pillars of the community. They are passionate about their athletic journey, making gains and setting goals. They go to events and take time to make the new UB kids on the block feel welcome. They exude awesome. Over the years we have had many amazing ambassadors:

Year 1

Kelly F & Jon S in Year 1. Jon went on to become a UB coach.

Year 2

Andrea S, Rachael C, Sean F, and Steve W. Steve also became a UB coach!

Year 3

Jason L & Nikki S. Nikki is now our office manager and currently in training to become a coach.

Congratulations to our 2014 Ambassadors of Awesome: Charles C and Joanna G!

Our winners of the year 4 ambassadors of awesome are equally fantastic individuals. Charles C and Joanna G both stood out to all of the coaches over the last years as exceptionally awesome. While Joanna will be the first person to introduce herself to you and make you feel welcome, Charles will be the person doing extra reps at the end of a workout so you don't have to finish a WOD alone. They both are pushing themselves to grow as athletes (ask Charles about his new Oly certification or Jo about her Coach In Training Program) and still have big goals they are striving for. They have become champions of the UB family and we are so excited to see how they continue to grow both in and outside of the UB walls! Joanna and Charles - hats off to you both! It's an honor!