Slogan Winner and Other Announcements

You came. You voted. A slogan was chose... by quite the landslide. You have decided to challenge us with the creation of the epic "UB-icorn." The Submission is as such:

I donโ€™t have a slogan but rather a vision: The UBicorn. Iโ€™m not talking Charlie the Unicorn or something from My Little Pony. Rather, I want to see a sleek, majestic creature, ripped like a bearded coach, barbells crushed under its SWOLness. Rainbow optional.
— Andrew M.

As soon as we have the design, we will be taking orders, along with a special UB merch order. Stay tuned!

Labor Day WOD

Make sure to get in on coach Jon's special Labor Day WOD at 10am. All other regular classes will be canceled for the holiday. Please note and enjoy the holiday WOD goodness!

New Website

For those of you who use the UB website for reference - or if you are one of our very few who use our forums - please note we will be updating our website on 9/8/2014. All forum posts will be gone permanently. We recommend using webpage archiving software to keep your posts. Blogs will disappear temporarily but as we are able they will be added back in. If you have something you want to save, take time to do it now!