Weekly Dose of Awesome

No matter how new or veteran you are to CrossFit, when someone joins a new community it's easy to hang out in the back, do your work, and focus on feeling the situation out. Andrew was no stranger to CrossFit when he came in our doors, and he certainly didn't act like a stranger to the community either. He pushed himself hard every workout, with clean movements and polished technique.

Andrew can do awesome things with dumbbells too.

And he hates mismatched socks.

After Andrew yells time, rather than laying on the ground or putting his own things away, he turns to another member of the class and starts to cheer them on. Counting reps, encouraging words, you can see the lucky person start to push through the exhaustion better with Andrew's coaxing. If others are still working after that classmate finishes, he's onto someone else to cheer on.

We're glad to have you in our community, making the classes fun and pushing others to be their best. Stay awesome!