So You Entered the Ultimate Lift Off

So you got nominated to lift in the ULO.  You didn't even know what it was until last week, and now you are thinking about competing.  Or maybe you've been looking forward to this competition all year but you don't know how to go about it..... Either way, this post is for you.

Part 1: Heats

Remember, you need to check in 20 minutes prior to your heat to weigh in.  You can weigh in as much or as little as you'd like.

ULO 2014 Heats

Part 2: Know the Rules

There are posted movement standards at the gym.  Please check later today for an online link to the movement standards.

Part 3: The Attempts 

Your Opener

So you get 3 attempts per lift... what do you open with?   Open with 200 when you have hit 195 in training.  Go big or go home... right?? WRONG!  Your opener should be something that you know you can hit.  That means maybe it's a weight you've done it for a triple.  Or maybe it's a weight you know is your last "safe" weight before the nervy mental stuff starts to kick in.  Either way, it’s there to build confidence.  It sets the tone for the rest of your lifts, and even the rest of the competition.  If you set the bar too high, the rest of the meet will seem like a chore... and nobody wants to walk away with a "0" because they over shot it.

Your Second Attempt

Presuming your opening went well, this is where you’ll find yourself getting close to PR territory. This is normally a middle ground to the final attempt where you go for broke.  Think that this is where you want to aim 95-97% of your end target and typically somewhere around 98% of your max.   Think of it as your launching point into the glory you should visualize as your final attempt. 

Didn't make that first attempt?  Don't stress.  Take one moment longer than you think you need to stop, relax, visualize yourself coming back and making the attempt and give yourself the cue you need to hit your weight and move on.

Your Third Attempt

Finally!  The third attempt!  Go for gold! Take a second to be present with how #2 felt, and choose your jump from there.  Once you made up your mind, don't touch the bar until you've made the lift in your head.  Whatever you do - NEVER MATCH your PR.  If you aren't 100% on competition day, hit what you are going to hit, but if you are near the magic number, throw the .5 kilo plates on.  Matching a PR is settling.  NEVER SETTLE.

Part 4: Check in with Your Body

No matter how much you plan, life happens.  You'll have trouble sleeping, your shoulder will hurt, you'll forget your lucky wrist wraps at home, you'll not feel like your normal superhero self.  Remember to take a second and chill out.  At this point you've done whatever you can do to show up strong and ready, and now it's 90% mental game.  So keep your head in the game and don't let a missed lift or something out of order throw you.  After all, you are here to compete with yourself above all, and a poor mental state starts you in a losing position.  And oh yea... just shut it out and have fun!