WODding Crutchless

Special Announcements

Special Clean & Jerk Seminar on Thursday

Join Coach Wu Chuanfu for a special 2.5 hour seminar on the Clean & Jerk as well as recovery and auxiliary movement training. Thursday from 1:30pm - 4pm. Cost is $120 for two hours.

Special Hours This Weekend

Please join us for a community WOD Saturday and Sunday at 8am.  All other CrossFit classes will be canceled for our special seminar with Olympic level Weightlifting Coach, Coach Wu from Singapore.

What's your CrossFit crutch? Is it drinking water? Getting chalk? Using the red band? Whatever it is, we all have that thing that we rely on for comfort to keep themselves from pushing all the way to the limit. Why do we do it? Because after 3,2,1 go - maintaining the appropriate intensity for a workout is... well, hard.

You might not realize you are doing it. Here are the classic crutches:

  • water: with all of the hours in the day to hydrate, you don't (especially not in the shorter workouts) need to stop for water. Take the time and effort to come into the gym hydrated and spend your WOD time WODing.
  • chalk: a lot of people chalk for chalk's sake. It looks hard core, and hey, everyone else is doing it. Well my little chalk monkeys, try to leave the chalk until it is necessary. If your hands are sweaty and slippery - pat your hands off and use a little. Only have 3 reps left? Suck it up and get it done.
  • roamers: When you need to take a break, take a second and take a few deep breaths, focus on calming your breath and heart, and then pick up where you left off. Some people prefer to go for a bit of a stroll. While we all like to take in the scenery - try to stay on task and get it done.

And these are just the obvious ones. Like I said, we all have them. It takes time and effort to force our bodies to the limit. You are capable of so much more than your body will lead you to believe. Take the crutches away and practice maintaining high intensity and you just might surprise yourself.