Learn Something

This weekend, 26 people from all over the country (Chicago, Scottsdale, New York, Boulder to name a few) decided to try on a whole new philosophy of weightlifting.  It was an exercise in patience -- Chinese style Weightlifting is very different than American Weightlifting.  But as the 2nd gym to ever offer such a seminar in the states, I was excited host coach Wu and wrap my brain around something that is so different in technique with the same end -- putting serious weight overhead.

Chuanfu Seminar

While you probably won't see myself or the other attendees completely overhauling our technique, everyone walked away with something to incorporate into their technique. The staff wanted to share a few concepts they got out the seminar:

Coach Jon

1. Explosive power takes just a split second, and when timed right makes a lift smooth and efficient.
2. "Feeling" - Coach Wu gave cues and demos on positioning, but it's up to the athlete to be aware of their own body and "feel" what works for them
3. We joked about the heavy use of quads and lats in the lifts, but having a stable base of support is critical - allowing the rest of the body to be relaxed and able to transfer power


1. Chinese style weightlifting is not a 1-size fits all approach - adapting to accommodate body type and adjusting by feel along the way is necessary. Make it "just nice."
2. In watching Coach Wu move, one microsecond of explosive power made the lift while the rest of the body was relaxed and in balance. His efficiency of movement and utilization of power was incredible and graceful to watch.
3. Timing and coordination outweigh strength. So many times, I think if I can just get stronger, I'll make this lift, when it's the small details I'm missing.

Coach Wong

1. Fluidity - all movements have to be smooth. Though each component of the lifts were broken down, they all come together smoothly and the energy transcends through the lift seamlessly. Rhythm and timing is key in putting it all together.
2. Energy - Rather than using just raw strength to power through the lift, learn to use the right amount of strength to create energy and explosiveness. Learn to channel explosive strength properly to be efficient.
3. Control - Learn about your body and learn to control body movements. This will lead to your ability to control the bar. Control of your body equals control of the bar.

These are just highlights - in just two days we were given a LOT of information... far too much to put on this blog page.    So if you are interested in hearing more about it, just ask!