The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Mel joined UB with some CrossFit experience. And with a fun crew of girls in the 4:30 and evening SWOD class's she has already transformed into a more well rounded athlete since joining. I am nominating Mel as a great workout partner and partner/coach. Hands down the most important part of being awesome is being able to support your buddy. She's also a listener and a doer. Coming to strength class because I told her to get strong(er) and doing extra "accessory" work because it makes CrossFit easier. She puts up, listens to the Coach and gets er done!

If any of you have ever tried finding a new gym and a new crew of people to train with you know it can be a scary task. But with Mel's awesome attitude and friendly smile ever time she joins class I think I can say you have found your place Mel. Keep up the hard work and keep being a doer!

Did I mention Mel gets it done in style?