Nikki Shares her Experience at WOD for a Cause

Months ago, Ashley Seashore had a vision of Team Fancy Pants and asked me to be part of it. With the goal of participating in 2 competitions before year end, and eager for my first "RX" competition, I said, "YES!" After asking so many ladies, Lisa R. agreed to join us. 

Two weeks before the competition, Lisa informed us that she would no longer be able compete, and quickly helped us search for a replacement. After asking multiple times, Lindsay D. finally said yes (actually she said, "You'll be sorry you asked me.") That was all the confirmation we needed! 

We were definitely operating at sub-optimal levels; Seashore with a sprained wrist (from the Moxie Madness comp 2 weeks prior), Lindsay with a new work schedule and very little gym time and last but not least, me with a strained neck muscle, head cold and sleep issues. 

We met at UB two days before the big event to practice our communication and discuss our strategy, which involved some work-arounds for Seashore's bum wrist and setting a goal HAVING ALL THE FUN

Morning of, we adjusted some of our strategy, still with a focus on fun, good form and team.  


At the end of the day, after 4 demanding workouts and a score of 14 (out of 14 ladies teams), I asked myself, "Why do I do this?"  If it was to win, I would have practiced more/trained harder. A few reasons came to mind:

1) When else am I going to make myself do 4 workouts in a day?

2) Doing things that intimidate/scare me a little, helps me grow

3) I have a new sense of what I am capable of now and clarity on what weaknesses to work. 

It felt very satisfying to be able to just show up and do it, no excuses. I am grateful for my awesome teammates and inspired by their willingness and 100% effort. I am appreciative of the new friends we made, judges who encouraged us and UB Crew (Coach Jon, Lisa & Jeremy R., Coach Jenny, Maria & Jeremy M., Chris C. & Yael) who cheered us on and took pictures of our epic squat faces.