The Weekly Dose of Awesome

It is time to visit the land of mighty mites again. This week's awesome has been pretty busy building up his resume over the past year. You could say David Huynh has pretty much gone all in. His lifts have been steadily increasing, skill levels sharpening, and he is a regular participant in UB events and the Barbell WOD. David also dove head first into individual and team competitions last year in the Golden State Games, Lifework Challenge, Vacaville Halloween Throwdown, and Santa Smackdown. 

Other than a slight momentary weakness for doughnuts, he is as competitive and determined to "grind through" any tough challenge. His dedication has led to the coaches literally pushing him out the doors of UB to enjoy a rare day off. Need motivation to improve? This guy will always be in your corner cheering you on because he's awesome!