The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Izzy B. is Metal as F&*k.

If you have not met Izaak B. a.k.a. Izzy, you should. For those of you who have yet to befriend this unassuming chill dude with inked knee caps, let me tell you a little about him.

This international, multilingual creative, joined the UB community about 6 months ago and has since been making crazy strength and conditioning gains. Though new to CrossFit, Izzy is not deterred from a WOD containing advanced skills like muscle-ups and pistols, but tackles them with fierce determination. Just last week, Izzy was in my noon class, grinding through a particularly nasty workout, obviously in a very dark place, and I thought, "Is he going to make it?" Clearly, I am still getting to know Izzy. He may not be the first to finish a workout, but has unmatched heart and perseverance. Just a few months back, Izzy struggled to row 500m, now he can be found in open gym, rowing intervals totaling 5000m, training for a whiteboard-worthy 2K. 

Izzy is a delightful blend of Midwestern "salt of the earth" modesty, mixed with worldly humor and good old street smarts. Currently living in one of San Francisco's more colorful neighborhoods, Izzy has made peace with the people of the streets by buying them beer (though you won't catch him drinking). When encountered by a crazy person, Izzy has been known to take his shirt off and yell right back, shutting down the crazy and allowing him to live peacefully in his neighborhood.

With his talent in high demand, we nearly lost Izzy to job relocation. Luckily, he turned down his incredible offer and decided to take a month to teach in China. Since his return, Izzy has requested a membership upgrade to "super unlimited status," so chances are, you'll be seeing more of him. 

I'm pretty sure this jet-setter will be around for a limited time, so do yourself a favor and get to know this guy while you can. He will make your day!