Food for Thought: How Long Can I Keep Leftovers?

With so many getting their hands dirty in their Whole30 and cooking more frequently, I thought you might appreciate some food safety 101 knowledge.  The following article is from

Do you know how long you can leave that potato salad on your buffet ? What temperature meat should be before it is safely cooked and done?

If you're not so sure, no worries: we've been doing a Food Safety 101 course this week to keep you and your guests happy and healthy.

We already talked a little bit about how long you can leave cooked food unrefrigerated. Today, how long can leftovers stay in my fridge before I throw them out?

Keeping Leftovers: Seven Days

For most leftovers, with the exception of highly perishable fish and seafood, or of food that is specifically marked otherwise, here is the rule of thumb. Eat it up or toss it in the trash after seven days. (Honestly, if you haven't eaten that tuna casserole surprise by then, were you really going to?!) We keep a dry-erase marker handy for labeling containers of leftovers with expiration dates.

To answer our questions about food safety we turned to a standard culinary school textbook: ServSafe Coursebook, Fourth Edition published by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

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