The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This is without doubt, the most overdue Dose of Awesome written to date.  Our boy Robb P. has been with us since the early years of our old location.  And how he's continued to pursue his fitness without us honoring him on our blog, is as unforgivable as having bigger biceps than quads.

There have been countless moments over the years where Rob has made his mark on the UB timeline.

  • He was there when we created SWOD
  • He was one of our very first athletes to qualify into the Level 2 Competitors Class
  • Through down several times with the coaches during the Open to truly test his limits
  • Always made his presence felt at the UB's social and holiday parities.... This time testing the coaches limits
  • Even when life outside the gym got hectic, and Robb couldn't make class in time, you'd always find him working on his own in the back of the gym. 

I've had the honor to coach and watch Robb since the day he arrived all those moons ago.  And his attitude and effort once inside UB has never wavered.  Always focused.  Always giving his all.  Always making his coaches proud.  Always being the epitome of Awesome.    

Even the Dose of Awesome stops to smell the flowers.

Even the Dose of Awesome stops to smell the flowers.