Reflections of a Repeat Competitor

Chris C. is not afraid to compete.  In fact, he thrives on the challenge.  One of the things I really appreciate about how Chris approaches competing is he is in it for the learning.  Sure, the man enjoys a PR and dominating (who doesn't).  He enjoys being present in the experience and being swept up in all that it means to compete, but he is always up to take it in and learn from it.  Here are some of the reflections of Mr. Three T himself from this past weekend's NorCal Masters Competition:

Chris C. isn't happy when he finishes the finish line.  He's happy once he's helped the rest finish too.

Chris C. isn't happy when he finishes the finish line.  He's happy once he's helped the rest finish too.

1. Have fun- I made so many new acquaintances from the CrossFit community in general; men and women who were fascinating and supportive, and were there for the same purpose and to support others in a common goal. I encourage everyone to make new acquaintances when they go to these type of competitions.

2. Belief in your training- Preparation is everything and training with Coach Trent as well as training partners helped me in overcoming any jitters I previously had in competitions.

3. Get Bodywork- Several of the workouts exposed areas for me, namely body work and the need to work constantly on mobility just as much as make time for a WOD. This is crucial as having full range of motion can make the difference between a rep and no rep on a movement.

4. Community Support- During the chaos of a WOD, all I could hear were voices from UB. This made the difference when I thought I was done only to hear the ultimate words of encouragement: "One more." I am greatly and humbled by the support of Nikki, Jon, Tao Tao, Anita, Shaun, Deebau, Sam, Marshall, Jason and virtual support of the UB and CrossFit community via Facebook, text and Instagram as I believe it truly made a difference.

5. Trust your coach- I have been training with Coach Trent for 2 years and in the world of competition, he has taught me more about strategy (I.e. Developing a game plan) and sticking to the plan, as well as being present and not overthinking when to hear 3-2-1.  Once your coach believes in you as Trent did, and you believe in your coach, you will be able to do amazing things.

6. Use competitions as a Baseline- "You don't know how far you can go until you too far." Or as someone said to me this weekend, "it's not done until it's overdone." Now I know what my baseline is, even though these were my limits. I now have a baseline on what I need to do to improve in various sub-domains.  With this said, declaring what I want with a by when and now knowing current reality also provides me with an opportunity to build a structure to close the gap (I.e. barbell WOD, Metcons, OLY Classes and Kristen's mobility class).