Mastering Your Bodyweight

On the road to becoming a strong CrossFit ninja - people often take body weight movement for granted. Many consider it foundational, but not an essential part of everyday training. However mastering your body weight develops strength, coordination, proprioception, balance and flexibility -- just to name a few. The problem is when people think body weight movement, they don't see the whole picture. Rows, pushups, squats for the beginner and muscle ups and handstand pushups for the advanced athlete -- what more can there be? For those of you who are somewhere in the middle (most people), there are progressions that will can help you grow and bring you closer to ninja-hood.

So where should you start? I would recommend looking at the progressions on Gymnastics WOD by Carl Paoli. You can also check out Convict Conditioning, which breaks down body weight movement into great bite size progressions. You could also try Building the Gymanstics Body for even further reading. Start with the website, make one month, 3 month, and 6 month goals for yourself... and get to work!  Have other recommendations to becoming a body weight champion?  Post to comments!