The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Do you ever meet someone and instantly, they feel like family? When Coach Intern and UB Athlete, Max, brought his partner, Gail, in for a community class in January, we thought maybe we had scared her away, however, 6 weeks later, she was back, ready to begin her Onramp with Coach James. Since then, Gail has integrated with the community. She is making new friends, participating in events and sharing food (we do love food). She has become UB Family.

What I particularly love about Gail, is the attitude she brings to class. She pushes through past limitations and expands her body's strength and capacity with each and every class. Gail's attitude is one of fierce determination. She is the kind of athlete who inspires me to be a better coach.

Gail and Max recently moved across the bridge, however, Gail takes the bus over and is maintaining her 4-5 classes per week. Additionally, she has branched out to SWOD and Oly class. Such dedication! With all of this focus on skill development and strength, we look forward to more big gains coming her way.