Gym Access / Open Gym Policies

As our gym membership and schedule gets a little fuller, please be mindful of our Unlimited Open Gym & Gym Access policies.  These policies have been in place since we moved to this space last April to help members maximize their gym time without interrupting classes and personal training.  Please take a moment to review our policies.  Thank you!

1. Basic gym etiquette still applies. Please wipe down and put all your own equipment away. 

2. Do not take chalk out of the buckets. Ever. For any reason.

3. Unlimited Open Gym & Gym Access hours are for people holding Unlimited or Gym Access memberships only.  If you have a Limited membership you have access to classes only.

4. You cannot bring friends or family along to work out with you during these hours.

5. Follow staff directions - no exceptions.

6. Please communicate with any coach using the space for a class or a personal training session to ensure they are able to utilize the space and equipment they need.

7. Don't mess with the remote. Do not set the timer to count down from a set time. This is incredibly upsetting in later classes when nobody realizes you've done it and the clock cuts off at 6 minutes or whatever time you set it to.

8. Please ask staff if you would like to adjust any of the music equipment (including changing the station)

9. Unlimited Open Gym & Gym Access hours start at 8am and end at 5pm. Don’t disrupt the classes prior and be mindful to finish whatever you’re doing and have your equipment put away by 5pm.

10. Have fun, and extend your hand to meet people.