A Tribute and Kristin at Strong(W)oman Nationals Today and Tomorrow

A tribute to James on his last day of coaching at UB!

Stop by and give him a high five and a chest bump!

Coach Kristin is at Strong(W)oman Nationals

In case you are not aware, Coach Kristin is a StrongWoman bad ass.  Just this past March, Kristin took silver on an international level competition at the Arnold.  Today and tomorrow she will looking to dominate and claim a top spot (last year she took 5th) at the 2015 StrongWoman Nationals in Iowa.

Today Kristin will be doing a max log clean and press for reps, a Conan’s Carry using yoke walk and a timed farmers carry.  Tomorrow she will be doing a "Push Pull Medley" with presses and deadlifts as well as a "Sand Bag carry and load medley."  Sound like fun?  You can watch Coach Kristin and her competition live all weekend!