Declare It! (Action Requested)

What do you still want to achieve?  Where do you hold back?  In CrossFit?  In life?  What are you waiting for?  Waiting to develop courage is just another form of procrastination.  What do you want?

Looking at goal setting, people's inspiration often wanes in the last few months of the year.   What is it about the onset of winter that inspires complacency?  Stop blaming the bird for your turkey daze!

Instead of waiting for the holiday season to be over, I challenge you to seize today, and tomorrow, and the next.  Take the last few days in October to decide what you want to conquer in November and December. 

We are challenging you to declare your holiday goat.  Don't wait for resolution season to roll around to get after it.  What are you achieving before 2016?  Got it?  NOW WRITE IT ON THE WHITEBOARD AT UB so we can hold you accountable!