Gym Safety: Take Your Bodily Fluids with You

While walking around the gym yesterday, I found some disturbing things left behind by athletes....


Dear athletes,

We appreciate that after a WOD you are tired, dazed in confused.  That's why WOD also stands for "Workout Drunk."  However, if when you leave your body fluids (blood, sweat, tears, & saliva) behind you it's not just inconsiderate - it's unsafe.  Please respect every other person in this gym and follow our gym rules:

If You Sweat/Cry/Spit

If you happen to get your DNA all over the equipment or floor, feel free to finish your activity.  However, once you have finished, please use either our gym wipes or a bleach spray to clean your equipment before putting everything away.  This includes (but is not limited to): benches, medicine balls, rowers, slam balls, barbells, pull up bars, GHDs, the reverse hyper, the floor, abmats, etc.

If You Vomit

If you push yourself past your limits, and need to revisit your lunch, the only place acceptable to do so is in the toilet.  You should never reach a point in a workout where you lose your ability to handle yourself (or your bodily fluids and functions) appropriately.

If You Bleed

If you cut yourself open and bleed (on equipment or not), stop what you are doing and address your wound before finishing the WOD!   No matter how insignificant you feel your wound is, even if it's "just a callus tear" or "just a shin scrape," please stop what you are doing, handle your wound and inform your coach that your bloodied equipment needs attention before you conitnue.  Continuing to WOD puts you, and everyone else at risk.

Again, this is not nagging... this is a matter of the safety of every person who walks through our doors, including yourself.