Trying New Things

Friday I talked about declaring and achieving goals.  Today, I want to follow up by encouraging you to get out there and try new things. 

Both in and outside UB, it is great practice to regularly expose yourself to new things.  You spend lots of time in the gym getting stronger, faster, building endurance, flexibility, etc..  So what are you doing with your improved self?  Go out and try a new sport or hobby!  Find a mud run or a 5k, rock climb, play dodgeball, cycle, trapeze, etc..  Especially in a place like San Francisco, there are opportunities for your "something new" everywhere.

Speaking of, Dave H. made a goal to try his hands at his first weightlifting competition sometime this year.  That day was yesterday.  And?  He killed it!   Motivated by wanting to crush what Dave refers to as "basic man weight" in WODs (135#), Dave gave oly lifting and oly class a shot.  Fast forward a year and change, and Dave found himself on a wood platform facing a ref and audience, going 4/6 in his first oly meet ever.  Not only did he get a PR 150k competition total (65k snatch, 85k clean & jerk), but he also has developed mental fortitude, acquired a new singlet, and can now easily face "basic man weight" in any WOD he encounters.  Way to go Dave!