Look How Far You've Come, Baby!

For most CrossFitters, the first 6 months are great.  Strength days are fun -- why?  Every weight you touch, it's PR city.  Even before you start caring enough to record your weights, you can leave the gym knowing today I lifted more than yesterday.  But what happens when the PRs slow down?  What happens when you've been consistent for a year or two and you start to feel the momentum slow down?  This week's awesome knows the answer: take matters into your own hands!

Gaetano has been a 7:30 regular for EVER.  Well, maybe not that long, but he has been gracing us with his presence for a few years now.  Gaetano has always had a great outlook - including a solid sense of humor, eagerness, and commitment.  But all of those things aren't what got him onto the front page today.  What I want to highlight instead is Gaetano's ownership of his fitness journey.  As Gaetano became a seasoned athletes, he hit a few plateaus.  But instead of accepting it, he has started doing extra strength, mobility, and gymnastics work.  He has been more mindful of his overall program and taking care of business.  You can regularly find him in here with a loaded bar or upside down, feeding his goats to the wolves. 

Gaetano, your hard work shows and is inspiring us all!  Keep up the awesome!