Powerlifting PRs!

This past weekend was the Reebok Record Breakers SPF Powerlifting meet. 

We saw big lifts from lots of people. Like a 22 year old man who squatted over 750lbs at a body weight of 198lbs. And a woman who weighted 165lbs bench pressed 308lbs.

But I'm most proud of three of own members who put it all out there in a singlet and had the time of their life in the process.  

Max Cantor made PRs in all his lifts, hitting 463lbs in the squat, 286lbs in the bench, and 507lbs in the deadlift. 

Vince Niou hit 364lbs in the squat, 265lbs in the bench, and 496lbs in the deadlift. (Why didn't you go for 500?!)

Erin Boyle, who trains privately, also hit all new PRs with 231lbs in the squat, 127lbs in the bench, and 291lbs in the deadlift. 

This was the second meet for both Max and Erin, who debuted back in March also out at CSA CrossFit. There will be another meet late this March, so if you've ever had the inclination to put some heavy lifting to the test, and give your strength the adrenaline boost only a cheering crowd can provide, ask them about their experiences.