Food for Thought: a Holly Jolly Slippery Slope

This article was published on the original United Barbell Blog on 11.30.2010

It's the friendliest, happiest, coldest time of year.  What does that mean?  Another glass of egg nog.  Days and days of leftover stuffing as lunch.  Why not?  It's the holidays!  Now now mr. jolly - step away from the pie.

You know what I am talking about - we all do.  It's the holiday slope - from Thanksgiving all the way until resolution time January 1st.  It is a special time of year - time for family and friends, for sharing and caring.  Indulge in the holiday spirit - not the holiday sweets.

Lacking motivation?  Try keeping your food journal over the holidays to stay accountable.  Feel unprepared to handle the deliciousness at your office party?  Try having a small paleo meal before you go so you are less inclined to gorge yourself on cheese platters and gingerbread. 

Work on your will power - say no to the extra glass of egg nog.  But in the event you fall into old habits - we will provide you with some jolly holiday WODs of our own for you to indulge in.