Thank YOU

I love Thanksgiving.  It's a time to appreciate the good in our lives.  It's an easy thing to do when you've gotten a raise or a PR and things are going your way.  It's also easy to lose sight of it in face of the daily grind, or larger concerns like poor health or job security.  Thanksgiving can help bring the good back into focus.   Here are some of the things we here at UB are thankful for...


Alex - This has been a rough year personally, but I'm still able to see I have much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my wonderful daughter and amazing wife. Without them I don't know how I would have made it.  I'm thankful for a loving and supportive group of friends and family. I'm thankful for UB and the UB community. No matter what is happening I can count on finding at least one smile every time I step through the door.

Colleen - United Barbell is where I began my Crossfit journey and couldn’t be more excited to now be apart of the coaching team. I’m extremely thankful to be apart of such a supportive and loving community in both the coaches and members at UB. I’m thankful that I absolutely love coming to work at the beginning of every week and that I leave everyday with a big smile on my face.

Jenny - I am honored and grateful to be at the helm of this family.  I get to spend my days laughing, cheering, and helping people realize a better version of themselves all while being challenged to stretch myself as a person and as a coach.  Thank you athletes, coaches, and Olivia for making UB my dream come true. 

Joanna - When I enter the United Barbell doors, my spirits are immediately lifted. At 6am or 6pm, I'm so thankful to find a sea of incredible people all challenging themselves to become just a little bit better each day. 

Coming to UB is like coming home to family. I'm so grateful to have a space where I can show up, be universally supported, and put everything else aside to rise to greatness. To each of you; the coaches who guide me, the fellow competitors who push me, and the athletes in my classes who inspire me... thank you for bringing your best selves.

Jon - I'm thankful for the inspirational community at UB.  Watching everyone grow and improve - seeing the fruits of days and weeks and months and years of work - is truly amazing.  I'm grateful to sometimes play a small part in that experience.  And for me personally this year, recovering from surgery, I've been humbled by the support and concern from our community.  All I have to do is get myself through UB's doors each day, and from that point on my fellow coaches and members will motivate me to reach my goals.

Kristin - If you haven't already noticed, United Barbell is a special place. I feel very thankful to be a part of a team that is so dedicated to the craft of training and helping others reach their potential. And personally, I'm thankful that I'm somewhere that supports me in my growth as both a coach and as an athlete. 

Nikki - As I muni and walk to UB each day, I see hundreds of people who have the look of dread and drudgery on their faces. This has me feeling especially grateful to be going to a place where I can absolutely be myself, wear my stretchy pants and work on becoming a better person, physically and mentally. As an Onramp & Elements class coach, I get to be part of the beginnings. Looking at the excited, eager and often nervous faces of new athletes, I see possibility and potential, strength and courage. Helping others to accomplish things they didn't think possible is the ultimate rewarding and humbling experience for me. I am grateful for the trust, willingness, determination, friendship and inspiration of the athletes and coaches at UB. It is my happy place. 

Olivia - My kid, my friends, my gym.

Spencer - I'm super new to the United Barbell as a coach but feel like I've been apart of the family and environment for years. I'm incredibly thankful for that. I'm very thankful for a lot of things UB brings into my life. One of the main things is the atmosphere and environment. Every time I walk in I feel welcome. I can literally feel the positive energy slapping me as I walk towards the gym... Just like how Jenny does when she smacks me on the back when I get ready for a squat.

There's never a dull moment at UB. From the creative warm ups to the occasional obscene outfits worn. You can say that we like to have a good time. One of the core components that makes United Barbell what it is, is FUN. I have fun every day I come into UB. For that I am thankful. From the bottom of my heart thank you to all the coaches, athletes and members for making it fun to be there everyday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Steve - I could draw out some long sappy paragraph but what I feel is best summed up in a quote I came across long ago: "Life isn't about getting and having, it's about giving and being." I equally thank those who have enriched my life and those who allow me to enrich theirs.