The Weekly Dose of Awesome

I often ask "how was it?" when you're coming back to earth after another sweaty metcon. Most people give me the courteous "it was good" or "I liked it." Then there's this week's Awesome. I'll get something like "that was bull$%#!" Ah, Yuliana. She always gives it to me straight. I appreciate Yuli's honesty. It's never mean, never coming from a negative place. It's just candid. And usually funny. And a little sassy. That's Yuli.

What also makes this woman awesome is her have-it-all attitude. We've got a night crew at UB in the evenings, and then there's the LATE night crew. While some finish their WOD already thinking about their pillow, Yuliana probably has a work mingle, cocktails with some friends, and some late-night dancing yet to come. And an after-party.

Yet after all of that, she's back the next day. I get the feeling there's no "sacrifice this for that" in Yuli's mind. She's gonna do all the things. Super consistent, she's been crushing workouts and livening up our classes for a long time now.

Congrats, Yuliana. Thanks for bringing your fun, saucy self to UB!