Now Selling: RX Bars

When you're hungry, it's easy to fall into the trap of fast food—especially when on the go. In a fast paced world, we eat what we can when we can.  Many grab and go snacks are notorious for being high in fat and calories, while low in nutrition content. The cost of eating on the go can really add up financially, as well as the toll it takes on your health. 

There is an alternative.  There are protein bars and drinks to help you stay a step ahead of the demands life throws at you. In the midst of that long commute or that meeting that runs an extra hour long, there are products that can really give you a heads up on the hunger pains.

Starting today, we will be selling one of these easy, affordable grab n' go snacks: RX Bars.

The RX line of products are paleo-friendly protein bars that deliver high nutritional value in a low-calorie protein product.  Each bar is advertised as having eight or fewer ingredients.  All of these ingredients are whole, real foods—meaning eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and nothing unrecognizable on the label. The RX bars come in a variety of flavors, but to test it out we will be selling peanut butter and coconut chocolate. Each bar consists of ingredients like figs and dates and pack around 15 grams of protein, which helps to keep you full and focused as you take on the day.

The cost?  $3