Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week’s dose of awesome goes to the one and only Molly George. Whether it’s Barbell WOD, taking class, or competing at local competitions this girl never settles for anything less than giving it everything she has. Her outgoing and fun personality is infectious in any setting and makes even the most brutal workouts easier to get through. As a coach I always look forward to having her in my class because of her positive attitude towards her workout, towards the ones around her, and her eagerness to improve. This is one determined girl, along with working on testing into level 2 and competing in more competitions the future is looking very bright and AWESOME for Molly!

"She made the whole experience extremely entertaining and exciting. And when it came to competition time she went all out and even cut her 40 cal row time by 40 secs! She has a competitive spirit and we wouldn't have placed sixth overall with out it! I can't wait to start training for our next one!"