The Weekly Dose of Awesome

Most of us, at one time or another, have had to face the daunting task of recovering from an injury. No, I am not on the 'CrossFit injures everyone' bandwagon, I am just talking about life in general. I can only speak for myself when I admit, I am not the best at dealing with the recovery process. I complain that I can't lift the weights I could pre injury, I get depressed, then I complain some more. Most people would rather avoid me until I'm back to 100%.

I want to take a moment to recognize this week's Dose of Awesome, who is my polar opposite in this regard, Jason Poindexter, better known to us simply as Dex. A while back Dex was involved in a pretty nasty bike accident. He was left with some significant injuries to his back and shoulder. But there is no slowing this Detroit native down. He consistently shows up early to class to make sure he gets a jump on his warm up and mobility, he modifies and scales movements without being the slightest bit self conscious. As a coach, it is always nice to have an athlete teach me something, especially when they do it through action. Thanks Dex, you are the man.