The Weekly Dose of Awesome

This week's awesome has been overdue for a while. If you happen to drop into SWOD or are one of the core regulars, you may have already crossed paths with this fiery Texan. Erin has been moving quite a bit of weight on a regular basis in class. She has seen her confidence and numbers increase progressively. Every max out cycle, this coach is proud to always hear her quiet and humble "PR!" wisps. But if you get to partner up with her, you know she's not tame by any standards. Her snarky and sassy one liners will have you cracking a smile and at the same time, apprehensive about locking horns with her. For this coach, what makes her the best athlete is her desire to always improve and keeping an open mind in improving form to get there. Erin, congrats and a well deserved honor for you.