Food for Thought: Are You Willing Enough

The following is from a great site: The Mentality WOD

If you’re ready to dig in and you’re willing to try, then you’re going to get to the next level. But, when you become unwilling, you shut down opportunities for growth. When you act like you have it all figured out, or like you don’t need any help, then you immediately become stagnant.

Remember, mental strength comes from recognizing that you have areas to work on, and fighting to improve no matter what. 

Do you get pissed off when others point out something you’re doing poorly or inefficiently?

Do you tune people out when they’re make a suggest that could help you?

Do you dislike introspection?

Are you willing to see if your unwillingness is holding you back? HAHAHA, I don’t even know if that’s possible, but I just cracked myself up. Anyways…

Are you unwilling to 

– admit weakness?

– learn about your anxiety?

– talk about your fears and failures?

– try to grow from your past?

– hear another opinion or perspective?

– let go of unhealthy or unhelpful patterns?

– try another method?

– look at things differently?

– discover what’s holding you back?

Your willingness is key to growth and peak performance. All greatness starts with willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

Ways to become more willing 

  1. Ask for feedback and suggestions
  2. Seek coaching
  3. Reflect, do journal drills, mediate or pray 
  4. Chat with your inner circle about your real feelings and emotions
  5. Share your struggles on any platform
  6. Be receptive by thanking others for their help and keeping your body language open
  7. Learn from others (identify what you want to emulate, and what you want to do differently)
  8. Keep reading mentality WOD to learn about how to improve your mindset – bookmark this page to search for tips