It's All in the Hips

Whether its to slam dunk, rush the other team to make a tackle, or take down your opponent with a single punch, explosive power is an important aspect of any person's athletic vocabulary and training. Explosive power can be thought of as the ability to take all your strength and speed, compress it, and then explode it into a millisecond of movement.

You hear us talk a lot about hip drive. Snapping the hips, opening the hips, finishing your hips: they all mean the same thing - harnessing the explosive power of your hips to get a heavy weight to float upwards in your hands. When you do it right, it feels like magic.  Yesterday we did power and hang cleans as well as kipping HSPU and dips -- all made more powerful with an explosive hip.  This translates directly into movements like your Olympic lifts, and transversely into your other sports.

Developing explosive power is a constant process. We use jumps, swings, sprints, squats, sled drags and other fun tricks to help you become faster and more powerful than you've ever been before.