The Weekly Dose of Awesome

When Matt C. landed in the Bay Area, he wisely shopped around at different boxes to make sure he found the perfect fit. Drawn in by the stellar strength programming at United Barbell, Matt became a UB convert despite a mid-membership move to the Marina (and inheriting a considerable commute to SoMA).

Notorious for his unstoppable work ethic, Matt is clear on his disdain for anything "that makes him sweat." Yet he remains a constant fixture in the back of the box, putting in countless hours of strength work and drilling down minor adjustments in Olympic lifting form. His dedication to the craft and enthusiasm for the sport has made him a resource for others, and he's the first to yell out encouraging support for those working beside him.

When I recently chastised him for "taking too long" to complete a strength workout, he replied, wisely, "Well, there's nowhere else I'd rather be." Pretty awesome, indeed.

This Awesome isn't just a standout at the gym, did you know he's also the Vice President of Acquisitions at a major San Francisco property management firm? Keep up the Awesome, Matt --- we're happy you chose UB!