Free Kindle Book!

If you've been around UB long, chances are you've met the vivacious and dynamic duo Andrea and Steve D..  In addition to their love of travel, CrossFit, and quality whole foods, these two have an affinity for wine.  Driven by their desire to balance eating clean with relaxing with a glass of wine, they have come up with their diet concept.... Drink Your Carbs!

These two have spent the last few years compiling their concept, along with recipes and entertaining anecdotes, onto a blog.  They then compiled it into a book, which is free on Kindle through Feb 21st. 

Download yours today to check it out and support Andrea and Steve.  Each Drink Your Carbs book contains
• Over 270 pages of science-based reporting;
• A complete list of foods to be eaten, limited and avoided;
• Practical advice for making exercise a part of your daily life;
• Recipes and cocktails;
• Recommendations for low-carb travel;
• A researched response to question, “How much can I healthfully drink?”
• The first Blooper Reel ever included in a printed work.